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Why Do We Ask You "How much can I spend"?

Friday, June 25, 2021 2:46:56 PM Africa/Johannesburg

Why Do We Ask You "How much can I spend"?

We don't ask you this so that we can squeeze the maximum amount of money out of you, instead we ask you for this information so that once we get your requirements, we can find the perfect item for you and make sure it meets your current and future needs so that you aren't looking for a new item every couple of months because your previous item met your needs at that point in time, but didn't account for your future needs and growth. Sometimes we might be able to offer you something that will exceed your needs at a lower price from another brand!

For example, if you need a printer and you tell us that you print more or less 500 pages a day, instead of offering you a consumer-grade printer that has a rating of 100 pages a day, we will offer you a printer that has a rating of 600-700 pages a day so that your printer will now grant you years upon years of reliable service, therefore giving you The Right Product First Time, Every Time.

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