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Solar System and Battery Backup Solutions

Thursday, November 11, 2021 4:17:40 PM Africa/Johannesburg

Solar System and Battery Backup Solutions

Solar System and Backup Battery Solutions

Load shedding has become a common practice in South Africa. It’s frustrating when you want to get your daily cup of coffee or are used to flicking on the light switch but instead, the electricity keeps going off, so people have to get creative about using alternative forms of energy. While you may be frustrated at Eskom for causing these interruptions, did you know that your devices are being damaged too? Even well-made products start to malfunction after being plugged into an electrical outlet that recently experienced load shedding. These jolts of electricity create an influx of power that devastates objects plugged into damaged outlets. Take care to check your appliances regularly after they have been affected by load shedding and if they no longer work as intended, replace them as soon as possible! You shouldn’t lose anything unnecessary due to these unplanned blackouts affecting your local community and environment!

Your house runs on 230V electricity but when loadshedding ends and the power comes back your appliances must deal with an actual spike in power, not just a surge that is much more powerful than 230 V. The current surges for perhaps only several microseconds, but that's more than enough time to slowly damage your appliances. Having unprotected appliances can fix this issue permanently. The reason for this is the appliances are designed to be functional, efficient, and sturdy which eventually corrupt due to the excess voltages supplied during surplus periods. This issue isn’t because of low-quality materials or improper construction. In fact, many appliances do have surge protectors built-in or are built to absorb excess voltages that cause them to give out after continually experiencing these spikes.

I recommend buying Power Surge Protector. They can protect your devices in case there is a power surge. I would try to use these plugs near electrical appliances, but not too close to them. Sometimes when there is even just a slight problem with electricity, it can cause major damage.

To prevent this from happening you should consider getting solar panels installed at your home so that you will have that extra source of power during blackouts or other emergencies.

A battery backup and solar system can cut your electricity usage by more than 50% most of the time because you use a battery at night to run your house and when the sun comes back up, it will both power your house and charge the battery at the same time.

It might cost a lot of money upfront now. But Eskom's electricity price is increasing exponentially every year which will decrease your ROI on a solar system.

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