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What Are W-Credits?

i-Center Team

W-Credit is our rewards program where we reward you for giving us feedback on our services. This is our way of saying thanks so that it helps us improve our services and be of more help to you in the future.

So how does it work?

It is quite simple. You simply use a shopping service or buy an item and leave a review of the shopping service or product and tell us how good or bad we were. Once the review is posted the W-Credit will reflect on your account.

How Much Is It Worth

We like to keep things simple so 1 W-Credit = R0.10, which makes the math simple for both of us.

What can I do with W-Credits?

You can purchase items from us using W-Credits and if you have enough W-Credits to cover the total amount of the item, we will offer the product to you at a greater discount than paying for the item using normal cold hard cash!

Please see the table below for a comparison of the differences between W-Credit and normal Credit

Not Refundable or Exchangeable
Expires after 6 Months
Earnable through Community-based events and challenges
Pay for eligible items fully using W-Credit, and get the item at cost price!
Pay partly for eligible items using W-Credit and earn 10% back in W-Credit!
Does not expire
Earn from Returns or Discounts from Back Orders
No special discounts when paying with credit
No special discounts when paying with credit

Please read our W Credit Disclaimer to find out more secrets about our rewards system

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