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Returns Policy

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Returns Policy

We know that you will be pleased with your purchases from However, there may be occasions when you will need to return items to us. Here's the how, what, when and why's of returns:


If you have simply changed your mind about any item ordered and you wish to return it, then in line with the Distance Selling Regulations you can do so provided you inform us of your decision within 5 working days* of receipt.You have the full right to return an unwanted item, at your cost, subject to terms and conditions.

Distance Selling Regulations

  • Functional components may only be returned when ALL of the following conditions are met:

    • The product is returned within 7 days from date of invoice. If you'd like to return the order after 7 days, you are welcome to contact us or start the RMA process in your Account page, we'll then get back to you with the options available.

    • The item must not be used and must be ´as new´ when returned to us.The product is returned unopened and without damage to the packaging/seals.

    • There might be a Handling fee if the return is accepted, opened but all packaging must be completed.

  • Software cannot be returned/exchanged at all under any circumstances. This is due to international licensing conventions used in these products. And not because we are mean

  • Consumables cannot be returned/exchanged, even if the package is still sealed. Consumables are prone to malfunction if not cared for properly.

  • Opened products still in working order will not be refunded under any circumstances. Unopened products will be considered for full refund/credit excluding delivery only if the packaging or seals have not been damaged. Please Check the product for damage before accepting and signing for it. Check the product specifications and whether or not it satisfies your specific requirements before you purchase.

  • Please take care during component assembly. Physical damage of any kind such as broken clips or bent pins are not covered by warranty, non-returnable and non-refundable. If components are received damaged please do not sign for the parcel on delivery as DOA applies and will need to be returned.

  • Motherboard socket damage/bent pins = warranty void, no exceptions. If you are not comfortable with or equipped for PC assembly work, rather allow us to assemble/test the components for you.

Weable can not be held responsible for incorrect purchase decisions. Please ask a friendly sales person if you are unsure about something.

My order arrived broken, what do I do?

That never happens. Just kidding. DOA (dead on arrival) is horrible, but have no fear Weable is here to save the day! We will collect the product at our expense and either replace, refund or repair the item, depending on the circumstance.

If your products has been damaged on-route or if they are DOA (dead-on-arrival), please contact us ASAP.

You can do so by:

  • Email

  • Calling us on 0105911190

  • Contacting a live agent on our website during office hours

  • Leaving a message. We will do our best to action this as quickly as possible.

As soon as we have collected and recieved the item and it has been tested to confirm the fault, the product will either be repaired and returned or a replacement will be sent (dependant on the manufacturer’s policy) or you will receive a full refund or credit.

Faulty Goods Must Be Declared Within 48-hours

Please note you only have 2 working days to log a DOA case. Thereafter manufacturer warranty applies.

Items should be returned in their original packaging complete with all accessories and documentation. Once we have verified the fault, we'll issue a replacement or full refund to you via your original payment method ( excluding any transaction fees ). We test returned items, and if a returned item is found not to be faulty by our technicians we will return the item to you, in this instance you will be liable for the collection and return charges.

We advise you to double and triple check that the product is indeed faulty as any costs incurred on returning a product that is fault-free will be for your account.


Sometimes things fail, prodcuts randomly become faulty . We know this unfortunately happens! Technology can sometimes be so unreliable. Thankfully products come with Warranties!.

If any of your purchases develop a fault then provided your item is within its warranty period, you are entitled to a warranty repair. In some cases, manufacturers provide a specialist full on-site service and/or telephone help facilities for your convenience which we recommend you use in order to correct the fault quickly.

When the doom and gloom of a product failing happens to you please contact us asap and we will not leave you in the dark! You can do so by email or by calling us on 010591190 or by talking to a live agent on or website, during office hours, or even by leaving a message. We will do our best to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. And assist you with the complete warranty process.

We are not the manufacturer of the Products, we will endeavour to transfer to you the benefit of any warranty or guarantee given to us in relation to the Products from the manufacturer.

Warranty Policy (faulty products)

  • All products are covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty, which is normally 1 to 3 years from the date of invoice. Please check the warranty period with a salesperson before purchase.

  • Orders collected by us within 7 days period will incur a Collection and Delivery fee if the product turns out NOT to be faulty or the warranty was voided due to damage. Check the warranty validity with a sales person before shipping a faulty product to us.

  • Any kind of physical damage as well as lightning damage will not be covered by the warranty. Definition of physical damage: Physical harm that impairs the value, usefulness, or normal function of something. Any part or component that has been physically broken/scratched/bent/dropped/removed that could not have happened by itself. Accidental damage is also physical damage.

  • Should you have a product that has failed during the warranty period, please contact us to begin the RMA process.

  • Data recovery is not covered by any warranty - please ensure important data is backed up as hard drives and other storage devices can and do fail.

  • Weable cannot be held responsible for data-loss due to hardware failure.

  • Software failure/faults are not covered by any warranty. Software troubleshooting will be charged at our current hourly labor rate.

  • Products still under warranty and found faulty will be replaced/repaired depending on manufacturer warranty. This process normally takes between 1 and 4 weeks. If a product is discontinued or out of stock, it will be credited against the products original price bought at ( excluding delivery and any transaction fees ).

You sent me the wrong stuff, what do I do?

If you received your order and it wasn't what you ordered, please contact us within the 7 Days period or else after 7 Days you'd forfeit any possibility for an exchange or refund. Refer to Distance Selling Regulations for more info. You can do so by email or by calling us on 010591190 or by talking to a live agent on or website, during office hours, or even by leaving a message. We will do our best to rectify our mistakes with quick succession. We sincerely apologise for this misshap!

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